Mighty Kicks East Valley

Street Soccer

Street Soccer at Mighty Kicks is based on a combination of European player development and the need for adult oversight.

True street soccer is what they do in France (who won the World Cup in 2018) and in England.  Up until kids get scooped up by a local club, kids play in the streets after school until it gets dark.  The play is unsupervised and all age groups show up and play.   The teams change from day to day, week to week, and age groups are wide open.

Mighty Kicks street soccer is our way of introducing kids to European street soccer but making sure there is SOME teaching, coaching, and oversight. We will use volunteer parents for some organization help, but moms and dads for the most part will not be involved in any coaching. We have at least one credentialed soccer coach who has played at a significantly high enough level to know when to step in and help redirect the flow of the game and also do some instruction.

Every street soccer event will be about 1/3 pure technical or tactical training, then the remainder of the time will be “let the kids play.”  The director at each location is 100% in charge and can handle the entire day without interference from the parents, but also knows when to ask parents to keep their eyes on a certain part of the playing field.

All of this means that street soccer can be offered at a significantly reduced price compared to our normal training sessions.